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Life-365 is a program that predicts the service life and life-cycle costs of reinforced concrete exposed to chlorides.

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life 365 cdLife-365 Service Life Predication Model™ is a standardized software model developed by a consortium of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association, the Concrete Corrosion Inhibitor Association, the Slag Cement Association and the Silica Fume Association, established under the American Concrete Institute’s (ACI) Strategic Development Council in 1998. In use for more than seven by the civil engineering community, Life-365 is used to evaluate the service life of steel reinforced concrete structures by comparing different strategies and techniques for increasing the service life of the structure. Engineers have come to trust this tool because of its open design that uses standardized industry prediction methods.



The new version of Life-365 has a completely redesigned user interface, a new probabilistic approach and an improved life-cycle cost functionality. The addition of the probabilistic approach combined with the existing industry accepted time-to-corrosion engine of Life-365 adds in a higher reliability factor to the resulting analysis and makes for a very robust tool that can assist engineers and owners in making a choice that best suits their needs.


Corrosion-induced damage can often be mitigated through numerous strategies including; low-permeability (high-performance) concretes, corrosion inhibiting admixtures, epoxy coated steel reinforcement, corrosion-resistant steel, application of waterproofing membranes or sealants or any combinations of the these methods and materials. Each of these strategies has technical merits and costs, and the challenge is to select the proper combination of protection methods, at an acceptable cost, to achieve the desired result. Life-365 is a tool that will weigh the increased initial costs of specific corrosion protection systems against the potential extension of service life.



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Disclaimer: This Computer Program and accompanying Manual are intended for guidance in planning and designing concrete construction exposed to chlorides in service. These items are intended for the use of individuals who are competent to evaluate the significance and limitations of their content and recommendations and who will accept responsibility for the application of the material it contains. The members of the consortium responsible for the development of these materials shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising therefrom.
Performance data included in the Computer Program and the Manual are derived from publications in the concrete literature and from manufacturers' product literature. Specific products are referenced for informational purposes only.
Users are urged to read the Manual to understand the capabilities and limitations of the Computer Program.